19 November 2020

Causeway: Digitising the Construction Sector, in partnership with CodeClan, Digital Construction Skills and Integrated Facilities Solutions

Causeway Ireland Scotland Business Exchange is bringing together a panel of leaders from the Irish and Scottish construction industry for an analysis and discussion on the need for the sector to upskill and digitally transform. A recent report by McKinsey showed that the construction industry is the least digitised industry, after only hunting and agriculture, and there is opportunity during the Covid-19 crisis for the construction sector to develop and enhance digitally.

In partnership with Causeway, CodeClan and Digital Construction Skills, IFS is taking a part in organising Digitising the Construction Sector series. The launch event is at 4pm, 3rd December and we would like you to join in the conversation.

This online event will be interactive and attendees will be broken into breakout workshops for discussions on the challenges, exploring the different aspects and diverse digital challenges and needs for each stage of a construction project – from the commissioning and clients’ viewpoint, to the architects, engineers and construction workers on the ground – all at different stages of digitisation with different requirements.

the event poster

Following the launch event, we are aiming to run a series of events starting from January 2021, each covering a different aspect of digital construction. We will look at topics such as the support available for SME construction companies, how construction companies can analyse and improve digital and digital leadership skills and how clients, designers and contractors can work together to ensure the whole life cost benefits of digital tools are realised. 

Please register for this event via the Causeway website.

We hope you can make it and we look forward to seeing you on 3 December.