Construction Management 2018 -
Risks and Opportunities in the Digital Age

IFS in Construction Management Magazine on Digital Collaboration and Information Management:

“Often, when we visualize the various teams associated with construction of a project, we always see a huge mountain of paperwork with Construction and then Facilities Management (FM) teams trying to make sense of it.

The construction activities are shrouded in information; management of the construction project requires appropriate systems which facilitate bi-directional data input, information processing, dissemination and functional access…

Information Technology permeating the value chain at every point has the potential to bring about team syncing and stimulate improved collaboration among project teams.” ...Read more

Construction Management Magazine


"The provision of an effective and efficient estate management service is a function of the property-related information available to Facilities Managers and Planning/Project activities. IFS used a structured and focused approach to develop and implement high quality Digital Project Manuals and Safety Files to the specific demands of the NUI Galway Building Office”

- Buildings Office, NUI Galway

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