Data Centres, Asset Lifecycle and filling Information Gaps

Kieran Beggan in the Silicon Valley Global:

“Information needs to be reviewed and approved so that the FM & Operations team have instant access to accurate as-built data at all times.

They need to have a quick turnaround in terms of risk in these environments; they cannot afford to be looking for information for too long, even in terms of going to a location where information is stored in hard-copy format or going to network drive to filter through tonnes of information, these are time consuming activities which can potentially cost the building owner a lot of time and money over the Asset Lifecycle. It really needs to be more sophisticated."

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Kieran Beggan in Silicon Valley Global


"The provision of an effective and efficient estate management service is a function of the property-related information available to Facilities Managers and Planning/Project activities. IFS used a structured and focused approach to develop and implement high quality Digital Project Manuals and Safety Files to the specific demands of the NUI Galway Building Office”

- Buildings Office, NUI Galway

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