Enterprise Client                       Mater Hospital
Completed Projects                                       31
Programme                                 2003 – to date


Digital Files                                           25,000+
Users                                                           200+


“For nearly 10 years IFS has provided us with a tailored service and digital platform, IFS Digital Project Manual™ to manage, view and access all our projects handover documentation. We have upgraded to the IFS Digital Project Manual™ PRO web-based solution for its added functionality and to cater for the handover of the New Mater Adult Hospital and a further 40GB of handover information. IFS are consistently developing their products and services to assist the Project Information Lifecycle.”

Mater Hospital Technical Services Department

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is a level 4 teaching hospital based in Dublin's north inner city. The hospital was opened in 1861 by the Sisters of Mercy. In addition to the local services for our catchment area, the Mater Hospital provides a range of frontline and specialist services on a regional and national level.

Digital Handover

The Hospitals Capital Projects Office and Technical Services Department have been carrying out an extensive Capital Building & Renovations Programme.

IFS have been working with the Mater Hospital since 2003, the technical services department having favoured our innovative solution for managing Digital Construction Handover Documentation. (DCHD).

A pro-active approach was adopted by the Technical Services department allowing for a standard procedure to be introduced for all future capital projects, this procedure required a Digital Project Handover File (IFS Digital Project Manual™) to be coordinated, reviewed and approved before being issued as each project was handed over.


The recent Mater Campus Hospital development was one of the largest health projects to take a place in Ireland with a Capital value of approx. €200 Million. IFS were appointed as the Digital Project Safety File Coordinator for the project which was completed in 2013.  The Digital Handover information exceeded 40 Gigabytes of data and the Technical Services Department have since upgraded to IFS Digital Project Manual™ PRO, our cloud-based application to access, manage, view and update the operational and maintenance information for approx. 40 buildings across the Campus.

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"The provision of an effective and efficient estate management service is a function of the property-related information available to Facilities Managers and Planning/Project activities. IFS used a structured and focused approach to develop and implement high quality Digital Project Manuals and Safety Files to the specific demands of the NUI Galway Building Office”

- Buildings Office, NUI Galway

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