GS1 Ireland

GS1 Ireland is the local office of the international standards organisation that specialises in the development and implementation of open, global standards for item identification and tracking, enabling the sharing of data about objects, their history, location and maintenance needs.


The partnership will focus on bringing together interested industry stakeholders from across the supply chain, to learn about, and adopt, best-in-class standardised data sharing practices. The resulting added value from the use of standardised digital data will be delivered through resource efficiency and productivity gains throughout the lifespan of a building.

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Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

IWFM is a professional body promoting excellence in workplace and facilities management, with a community of over 17,000 workplace and facilities management professionals.

IFS became a proud member in 2017.

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Causeway Exchange

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange is an organisation connecting businesses from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

IFS joined Causeway in December 2018.

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BSRIA Soft Landings Network

The BSRIA Soft Landings Network was established to support understanding of Soft Landings principles. Soft Landings is a building delivery approach that runs through the project from inception and briefing to its completion and beyond.  When implemented, it increases collaboration between project teams and helps to deliver buildings that operate according to their spec, meeting the client’s expectations as well as the end users’ needs.

IFS joined BSRIA Soft Landings Network in January 2021.

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"The provision of an effective and efficient estate management service is a function of the property-related information available to Facilities Managers and Planning/Project activities. IFS used a structured and focused approach to develop and implement high quality Digital Project Manuals and Safety Files to the specific demands of the NUI Galway Building Office”

- Buildings Office, NUI Galway

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