Enterprise Client                                         Pfizer
Completed Projects                                          2
Programme                                       2007 - 2010


Digital Files                                              5,800+
Users                                                            100+

110 Kv Substation
110 Kv Substation
110 Kv Substation
110 Kv Substation
Pfizer, formerly Wyeth Medica Ireland

Digital Handover

IFS were appointed by client to coordinate and deliver the Digital Construction Handover Documentation for two projects.  

We coordinated and managed all digital project handover information from design and construction teams, vendors and specialist vendors for the client. Our standardised process required all files to be compiled, reviewed, approved and handed over at project completion.


Pharmaceutical Development Centre (PDC)

The prime function of the new facility sized approx. 3000 sqm was to develop a robust process for new products that can be successfully transferred from PDC into commercial manufacturing. The Centre was also developed to be able to manufacture clinical batches and provide ongoing process development support to products post launch.

110kV Substation

Due to expansion of the Wyeth Newbridge site and consequent raise in electrical demand it was required to increase the electrical MIC. The project consisted of constructing a 110kV station to feed an adjacent WMI 110kV compound consisting of two transformers and associated switchgear and control gear.

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