Construction Handover Documentation - How to Avoid This At Project Handover & Closeout

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

construction handover documentation

Just count yourself lucky you’re not the one that has to put a structure to this – that’s our job. It gets you thinking why in 2016 is this seen as the norm? What can Building Owners do to ensure a Digital Project Handover that saves time and money? Dealing with Construction Handover Documentation (O&M’s /Health & Safety files/Project Closeout documentation) without the proper procedures in place, it’s fair to say the task at hand is quite daunting. In our experience and from speaking to clients on a daily basis unless there is a detailed Specification implemented in the tender documentation that ensures solid communication, detailed quality approval process and clear deadlines you are going to be left with a format that is unworkable and disorganised. The image with this blog is a prime example of this – project handover documentation issued to an IFS client 12 months after PC, the time and money lost by the Owner/Operator having to deal with these issues is huge and can very easily be stopped, we have seen first-hand how important it is for the Facilities Management (FM) / Operations team to have early access to approved content in a secure application, allowing them to gain familiarisation with systems and procedures ahead of the facility been handed over, providing instant and secure access to quality approved critical operational and maintenance information from PC, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. This saves significant time and leads to recurring productivity gains for the FM / Operations team during the operational lifecycle.

Get it Specified!

The key to a successful Digital Handover is how it is Specified, a detailed high performance specification lays the foundations for how handover documentation & information should be collated, managed and structured while highlighting the role of a qualified and experienced Digital Construction Handover Coordinator who is appointed to communicate & coordinate this information with all parties from project commencement to project handover. The risk of this nightmare happening again and again will continue until you get it specified. Changes are happening, get a copy of the latest IFS Digital Construction Handover Documentation Specification.