Construction Handover Documentation - The Problems and Solution

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

construction handover solution

Poor Standard

The standard of Construction Handover Documentation today according to BSRIA has actually decreased since 2005. With the economic downturn hitting the construction industry hardest it is no surprise that corners have been cut. This has in many cases left clients with un-manageable boxes of paper based construction documentation, along with multiple CD’s/USBs of unstructured PDFS at the handover stage. This practice does set the tone for information to slip through the cracks and can cause major headaches from the outset.

No Structure

For the most part clients have very little input as to how they are going receive their Handover Documentation. The lack of format, structure and delivery can have a major negative effect on both the Client and Contractor. The limited communication with zero documentation quality approval during the construction stage can have huge financial implications. Clients are left with very little chance on making life-cycle savings and instead are left with increasing operation costs. As structure and procedures are non-existent the task of managing information can become extremely difficult after Project Handover. As the documents contain important operational information this lack of structure and transparency is detrimental to the management and life-cycle of the building asset.

Changing Environment

Times have changed and Handover has become a real issue and not just another box to tick on the design and construction tenders. New regulations and specifications can help and ensure that the Client and Contractor achieve value in the Handover and Operation life-cycle of the asset. The days of banker boxes over flowing with thousands of documents are behind us (thankfully) but because the documentation has been handed over on a disc does not mean it has been coordinated, reviewed and produced in a user friendly way. This is the mistake most clients make when deciding on their final handover format. Although it may sound like a full BIM service with all the trimmings, this format is just as messy as boxes of loose paper. The emergence of new technology around handover and collaboration has given the clients options, however the task of choosing a process that can provide a full solution at an affordable cost can be daunting.

The Solution

Targeting 90% + approvals of a projects construction handover documentation at project handover is critical for both the construction company, Client FM and operations team. Early access to approved content on an application/system allows operations to gain familiarisation with systems and procedures ahead of the facility been handed over. At Post-handover, the application/system provides instant access to quality approved critical operational and maintenance information from PC, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. This saves significant time and leads to quarterly & annual productivity gains for the FM & operations team during the operational life-cycle leaving the construction company with a happy client.