IFS applications and services provide a secure data environment from Design & Construction Collaboration to the co-ordination & delivery of Project Handover information to the Facilities Management team.

Project Collaboration

IFS Projects Live™

Our Project Collaboration application connects your office, site and field-based teams with the latest design and construction information and allows for real-time communication throughout the project lifecycle. 

Manage Project Information
  • Set-up a Common Data Environment (CDE) Framework

  • Manage multiple project teams

  • Provision the system and project teams within days

  • Manage user profiles and role based permissions

  • Approve and implement document management protocols

  • Provides online video tutorials, web-based and site-based training

  • Implement standard template forms and KPI's for RFI's and Technical Submittals

  • Configure project dashboards and activity reports

  • Secure on-line / off-line Archive of project record post project completion

image of IFS Projects Live - desktop
Design & Construction Collaboration
image of IFS Projects Live -  tablet
  • Intuitive and user friendly project dashboards

  • Access Design & Construction activities in real-time

  • Flexible Project Information Management indexes for Planning, Bid Management, Design & Construction

  • Secure document management module with revision control and automated email alerts

  • Dynamic RFI and Technical submittals workflow

  • Track outstanding issues to avoid potential contract delays

  • Integrated calendar schedules meetings and monitors the status of actions

  • Integrated file viewer, view and mark-up multiple file formats in your browser without CAD software

Handover Coordination and Close-out

IFS Digital Project Manual™ - PRO

Our Digital Handover application provides a transparent approach to the coordination, review and approval of project handover information and ensures a smooth transition to the Owner/Operators Facilities Management team. Post-handover the application is a critical resource for Operations and Maintenance throughout the building lifecycle.

Digital Handover Coordination
  • Implement a progressive Asset Information Requirements specification

  • Clearly communicate Asset Information Requirements, formats, structure and timelines

  • Provides standard templates for handover submittals

  • Implement dynamic workflows with design team and client approvals

  • Provides instant online access to handover information and progress reporting to completion

  • Targets 90%+ approvals at Handover & Close-out stage

  • Achieve soft landing and smooth digital transition to FM and Operations

  • Provides an Audit trail of approvals for the FM and Operations Teams

image of IFS Digital Project Manual PRO
O&M to FM
image of IFS Digital Project Manual PRO
  • Provides Instant access to quality approved Asset Information

  • Supports induction training for on-boarding FM & Operations team

  • Realise perennial productivity saving during the Operational Lifecycle

  • Securely manage maintenance contractors and consultants access to Asset Information

  • On-board Occupational Health & Safety management forms & workflows

  • Set-up and manage Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes

  • Implement Change Control Procedures ensuring your site information is always up to date

  • Export O&M's data to ERP or CMMS

  • Integrate with BIM 4 Lifecycle Viewer to provide functional Asset Information Model (AIM)

  • Full end user audit trail and activity logs

BIM 4 Lifecycle

The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) during the design and construction process and its extended value to the Building Owner into facilities management and operations is gaining momentum across our industry. We have developed our integration platform to support BIM model formats within our Common Data Environment for Design & Construction Collaboration and Digital Handover for Facilities Management.

Construction Stage Interface
  • Align with the BIM execution plan

  • Review level of definition i.e. Level 2/3

  • Publish models to BIM 4 Lifecycle Viewer

  • Assist with Model validations for As-built record and Handover for Operational Lifecycle

  • Provision early access to the AIM for FM & Operations review

  • Coordinate and Handover approved As-built model files for future use

image of IFS BIM 4 Lifecycle -  tablet.p
Facility Operations Benefits
  • Access AIM in BIM 4 Lifecycle viewer from any web browser

  • Dynamically Links to O&Ms and provides Instant access to quality approved Asset data

  • Provides FM & Operations with an induction training for on-boarding engineering staff

  • AIM is accessible in the field for FM engineering and maintenance teams

  • Supports change control, model revisions are completed in native format and updates are published to our BIM 4 Lifecycle viewer